The Good, The Bad and the rest of the story….

Hello friends, medical users and social advocates of cannabis, hemp and all that comes with this innocent and wonderfully useful herb.   Prez Jeff here.  It is my honor to welcome you to our site and our mission.

The Good is obvious.   29 states have some kind of medical use.  8 states are fully legal and we are on a march to get factual and necessary information to everyone about the many  benefits of the good herb.  It is a joy to go to Colorado where cannabis is treated like a medicine or a cup of tea; a place where people know that the government is doing something for them rather than against them.  The billion tax dollars collected have greatly improved schools, helped the homeless and cared for needy animals.  The attitude there is upbeat and healthy.   We should all have the choice of having cannabis for use as we see fit.   The huge California legalization is just getting started with 10 times the tax money available to their government.    Next is New York and on we go.

The bad is subversion and the primal drive for money.   Jeff Sessions just announced a roll back of Obama’s laws protecting states rights to freedom of cannabis so that they can raid any outlet and take the herb, the money and possibly prosecute growers and sellers.   Also, cannabis does not appear in media as a benefit or a medicine even though many doctors say it is the best single med of all time.  This money driven undercurrent must be stopped through the American way,,,,the VOTE.     Look at any politician carefully and vote in the ones who actively support your views.

And the rest of the story is the future.   We all need the basics which is the right to grow, use and share this herb with a friend.   We also deserve to use it medically where applicable.  We also need educated doctors who are not afraid to speak the truth regarding this highly beneficial medicine.

This is the longest post I’ll write. My dad, Prez Bob, passed away in 2000 and was the most loved person in the nursing home, proudly wearing his Thank You For Pot Smoking shirt to the last day.  I am a 68 year old Marine Viet Nam vet with 80 inches of scars on me from combat and herb has healed me in body, mind and spirit.   I welcome your input and your friendship.  Our great team at American Cannabis Society is here to serve and help you.


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