The American Cannabis Society® and it's "Thank You For Pot Smoking®" slogan came into reality in 1978.

My father, Prez Bob Kundert started this organization to help people understand and enjoy this herb and all it has to offer. Dad and the whole family were involved back then and the 70’s were what you think they were, a great big expansive party with open thinking, great music and a rich smokey background of good herb behind it all. The 80’s …..not so good. Cannabis was targeted as a bad drug and the money people made their bid to stomp out drugs. We all floated through the 90’s with some marvelous medical uses being discovered and still hundreds of thousands in jail for even simple possession. Dad passed on in 2000 having put 100,000 bumper stickers and tens of thousands of shirts into the public eye.

He spoke at every major festival and headed up the harvest fest in Madison Wisconsin for many years. He was loved and is missed by all for his tireless energy for freedom of the good herb. In this new and complicated decade we are energizing everything Prez Bob stood for. I am now older than he was when he started the work and will continue on through my life representing dad and his vision of the herb standing free of restriction.

The American Cannabis Society® team is now headed by myself and Eric with a dedicated team who will stand by you all. We will move forward to bring cannabis to the forefront and give it a place in history as the best medicine, cloth, paper, rope, food and fuel on the planet and, of course the best recreational choice ever….which we all can easily agree on. Let’s all fire up and work together to achieve Prez Bob’s mission to “Free the Herb”!!

Prez Jeff, Eric and the ACS team.

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