American Cannabis Society®

The American Cannabis Society® has been in the fight for legalization and it’s time to educate all Americans to understand the value of cannabis and hemp in our lives. Thank you for your continued support of our mission! (Registration No. 4722284)

Thank You For Pot Smoking®

“Rolling” through the industry since 1978, Thank You For Pot Smoking® is the original and most recognized brand and slogan to back the American Cannabis Society® in their mission to “free the herb”. (Registration No’s. 4308864, 4565730 & 5315777)

I Am Not A Criminal®

Our mission is to work towards the legalization of the herb. We’re here to say that just because we smoke, doesn’t make us criminals and the reasoning is, it shouldn’t be illegal to begin with! (Registration No’s. 5213879, 4584547 & 4233812)

Give Me My Medicine®
Our mission is to work towards legalization for all states. A great start would be the validation of the scientific research that proves that weed has a place within the medical treatment field. Pot, THC, CBD and Hemp can be used for so much more! (Registration No’s. 5213492 & 4584562)